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707 South Broadway #311
Los Angeles, CA, 90014

 Native Angels is a Los Angeles based Jewelry Company that offers custom made and handcrafted jewelry services in the heart of LA. Every item is made in Downtown Los Angeles by our trained and educated metalsmiths. Operated by Kristina Grace and Angelina Smith, Native Angels is a new brand of Designer and Luxury Jewelry items that's urban and unique. Emerging out of experience and conditioning, our collection of jewelry is an attempt to describe the Los Angeles territory through the eyes of it's natives.

Angelina Smith Jewelry

A collection of unique Jewelry Designed by Angelina Smith

Skeleton Key Cuff Bracelet


Skeleton Key Cuff Bracelet

150.00 188.00

A key may symbolize one's access to another realm, something to prevent someone or something from getting in or something to keep it in. It can define a personal defense, to ward off an attack or assault. It can protect against peril, contain secrets or be used to unleash them. 

This unique skeleton key cuff might open doors for you ;)

Made from Bronze, this bracelet is the answer to your questions, and available in Gunmetal, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold.

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